Saturday, July 7

The Devil and (in?) me

  • Me: Okay, I hear the azan! Time for prayers, self!
  • Devil: Look, just complete your assignment first, and pray zuhur nearing the asar time so you won't waste time!
  • Me: Hmm... true...
  • Devil: Studying itself is an ibadah, so you don't have to worry, I'm sure Allah will understand.
  • Me: But what if my life ends before I get to that time you want me to pray?
  • Devil: ...
  • Me: (after praying) Guess I should stand up again for sunnah prayers.
  • Devil: What for? You have so much work to do!
  • Me: But it's sunnah prayers!
  • Devil: That's PRECISELY why you don't have to do it; you won't get any sins for not doing it!
  • Me: Yeah but I won't get Allah's love if I don't do it as well right? :)

(Syaitaan likes to decorate sins and make them look good, but sometimes all it needs is an

 honest conversation with yourself in order for you to do the right thing, insyaAllah!)


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